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We are a creative production studio based in London and Singapore.


We help you create better content, through the alchemy of strategic thinking, creative ideation & production excellence.

Commercial /Corporate | Mobile First Content | Documentary | Motion Design | Live | E-learning

Latest Work

Our mantra is “create better content”


This is what we help our clients to achieve, but it is also the challenge we set to ourselves.


From utilising the latest filming and post production techniques, to finding new motion design and animation styles or unearthing the perfect creative collaborators. 


It’s a relentless search for those small difference makers that can take our content to a whole new level. 


The Better Lab, our internal creative, strategy and research department, is tasked with unearthing these innovations.


"Working with Whitecoat is always a pleasure. They are true experts in their field, super easy to work with and always deliver quality in time. They are also super flexible, responsive and solution orientated. They are a no fuss agency!"

Elke Karskens

Head of Regional Marketing at Facebook, Menlo Park

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