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Find out how behavioural science can turbocharge your video content.
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Behavioural Content.

Whitecoat is a global creative content studio, we create content that moves people to act, through the alchemy of behavioural science, creative ideation, shoot production and post production.

Click the 1min video below to hear how we do it:

Why Behavioural Science?

Simon Hawk, our behavioural science expert, gives you a quick rundown on why behavioural science is key to creating marketing content that drives audiences to act.

Click the below video to learn more:

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Behavioral Ideation

The fundamental truth that underpins our process is that all marketing ultimately engages with the human brain, and our brains have evolved over millions of years to act in a certain way.


By understanding how the brain works, we can create the most effective content to engender a desired action in your audience. This forms the foundation of our creative ideation process.

Shoot Production

From commercials to documentaries, our production process has been developed with a key aim to over deliver on key stages during the process, to make sure the client is completely up to speed with all aspect of the production process. 


We focus on identifying multiple marginal gains to deliver the best possible quality of output.

Post Production

Our 15 strong in house post team in London and Singapore includes editing, motion design, colour grading and sound mixing.


Our post producers are briefed with QC’ing as a paramount focus, making sure all feedback is correctly applied before anything is sent to the client.

Award winning work.

From creative ideation, to shoot production and post production, we offer an end to end service.

Happy clients.

"Working with Whitecoat for the last 7 years has been an enjoyable and successful experience ! Tom and the team got the “gist” of how to work with Unilever and went from great to greater in each production ! Love it !“

Aline Santos

Chief Brand Officer, Unilever

"Working with Whitecoat is always a pleasure. They are highly experienced practitioners in their field with a deep-rooted understanding of the advertising production industry in a traditional and emerging tech sense. Their budgets are consistently competitive, they are efficient and they are all very nice people. I couldn’t recommend them more."

Charlie Macpherson

EMEA Lead Producer, Meta Creative Shop

"I love working with the team at Whitecoat. Credible, affordable, and always fun to work with - they are my go-to agency for video production!"

Owen Smith

Global Brand Director, Pernod Ricard

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