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Diversity & Inclusion Policy

We have always had a diverse team and an inclusive culture at Whitecoat, due to recruiting the best talent we can find, which includes individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life. We believe this is key to not only creating better content for our clients, but also creating a more inclusive and interesting world. 

Image by Clay Banks

Furthermore, we are also committed to being consistently proactive in this area, through initiatives including:


  • Partnering with organisations offering diversity & inclusion focused mentoring and internship schemes. For example, some of our senior team recently completed a full mentoring programme with the Creative Mentor Network

  • Team training around unconscious bias 

  • Encouraging and facilitating a safe and inclusive company culture and workplace

  • Working with recruiters and organisations with inclusive, diverse talent pools, including underrepresented and disadvantaged groups

  • We are also currently in the process of achieving Diversity and Inclusion Essentials Certification via the IPA


Our policy and activities are reviewed regularly as we believe that improving diversity and inclusion is an ongoing responsibility that belongs to all of us. Diversity and inclusion in our team facilitates better ideas, better working relationships (internally and with clients), and helps us to create better content.

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