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Whitecoat x Shiseido
Full service content creation partner.
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Whitecoat x Shiseido

We deliver an end to end solution solution, from creative ideation, through to pre-production, shoot production and post. All managed by our in-house team.

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Multiple disciplines.

Creative Ideation

Working closely with the brand team, our creative department develops big creative ideas for each product line.

Shoot Production

With our experience in shooting beauty content, our production department knows how to shoot live action that showcases the beautiful skin of the talent involved.

3D Animation & Post

From our 3D character 'Foamy' through to bringing to life the incredible sensorials of each product, our 3D animation and post team are experts in beauty content.

Award winning work.

From creative ideation, to shoot production and post production,

we offer an end to end service.

😁 Happy clients.

“Whitecoat has always delivered on brief, budget and quality. The team are professional and always a joy to work with!”

Kin-man Ly

Regional Advertising Producer, Unilever

“I’ve worked with Whitecoat to develop a number of hour-long, internal communication films, featuring multiple shoots with key worldwide senior stakeholders and seen by over 4000 marketing staff worldwide. It’s a big production challenge, but Whitecoat have consistently managed to produce high quality content, under tight time pressure, as well as being flexible enough to work around shifting filming dates. Their strong emphasis on motion graphics has helped raise the impact of the films and the Whitecoat team raises the bar on each production to make best use of time with the strongest visual result.”

Emma Reynolds

Unilever Marketing Forum Lead

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